Our favourite William and Harry moments

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Today, Kensington Palace finally confirmed that Prince Harry has asked Prince William to be his best man when he marries Meghan Markle on May 19—not that we were worried or anything. Let’s take a look at some of their best brotherly moments.

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    Piano men

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    Princes William and Harry strike a pose at the piano with mom Princess Diana in 1985.
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    Helping Hand

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    Prince Harry takes some tentative steps with the help of his big brother. 
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    School Days

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    The princes all dressed up in uniform for Harry's first day of school in 1987. 
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    Niagara Falls

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    In Canada with their mom in 1991. 
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    Harry sneaks a comment to his older, and taller, brother Will at the VJ Day parade in London in 1995. 
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    Jolly Good Time

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    Harry and Wills can't contain themselves during a concert at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the Queen's Golden Jubilee year in 2002. 
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    Hey There

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    Harry and Wills on Prince Charles's wedding day to Camilla Parker Bowles in 2005. 
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    Go Team!

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    Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate cheer for England during a rugby match in 2007. 
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    Put Your Hands In the Air

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    William and Harry enjoy Rod Stewart's performance at the Concert for Diana at Wembley Stadium in 2007. 
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    Nothing to Fear

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    Prince Harry teases his bro with a python during a trip to Botswana in 2010. 
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    Will's Big Day

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    Harry was William's best man on his wedding day and Wills will return the favour when Harry marries Meghan.
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    Double Trouble

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    Twinning during the Diamond Jubilee Concert in 2012 at Buckingham Palace. 
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    The princes enter the wizarding world of Harry Potter alongside Kate at Warner Bros. Studios in 2013. 
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    A Family Affair

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    Harry and Will and the fam on the Queen's 89th birthday celebration in 2015. 
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    I Am Your Brother!

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    Nerding out during a tour of the Star Wars movie sets in 2016. 
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    Competitive Spirit

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    The princes race each other to the finish line during a London Marathon event in 2017. 
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    Stand By Me

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    Princes William and Harry stand next to Kate and Meghan at a Christmas church service—their first Christmas all together. 
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