Barely a month old, and already Princess Charlotte is navigating the tricky waters of celebrity dressing with verve and savvy (you’d think she was related to Kate Middleton or something). Exhibit A was the cheeky twist she put on her first ever outfit—that whole “yeah, my bonnet is on backwards, deal with it plebes” stunt was genius. And for her next trick? A royal baby portrait ensemble that defied all expectations.

Sure, at first glance the all-cream outfit looks classic, even predictable. It’s only when you, the naieve viewer, find out that the outfit is RECYCLED that the true subversiveness of this young style icon comes out.

That’s right, folks: Charlotte is wearing THE SAME THING she wore when she left the hospital, which has to be some sort of royal record for demonstrating thrift (and a classic Kate move). The little sweater and matching bottoms are from the same set we glimpsed when she was born last month. 

The princess has clearly found “her Jenny Packham” in Spanish brand Irulea, who have confirmed that it is indeed a recycled ensemble from their brand. It’s also worth noting that George continues his allegiance to Rachel Riley, who make the only rompers that fit him just right, you know? 

Got room for one more “awww-worthy” detail? Charlotte’s set is a gift from her nanny, who is Spanish. 

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