Whether you’re a style icon yourself or love to live in jeans, everyone has a celebrity style match. Grab a pencil, tally your score and discover your star style double.

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1. You never leave the house without:
A) lip balm (1)
B) your new favourite bangle or handbag (4)
C) a quick spritz of your signature scent (2)
D) lipstick and a compact (3)

2. On your birthday, you:
A) buy yourself the most amazing pair of earrings (3)
B) dance until 4 a.m. at the hottest club in town (4)
C) plan a chic cocktail party at your place (2)
D) head to a great restaurant with your closest girlfriends (1)

3. As part of your beauty regimen you:
A) use at-home microdermabrasion kits once a month (4)
B) visit the salon every two weeks to get your colour touched up (3)
C) drink eight glasses of water a day and let the rest take care of itself (1)
D) never smoke, drink moderately and get plenty of sleep (2)

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4. Your signature lipstick colour is:
A) plum luv (2)
B) scarlet fever (3)
C) sheer gloss (1)
D) pink meringue (4)

5. Your favourite Madonna video is:
A) Music (3)
B) Ray of Light (1)
C) Hung Up (4)
D) Material Girl (2)

6. The last accessory you bought was:
A) a Kenneth Jay Lane rhinestone bracelet (2)
B) a Roland Mouret chain and scarf belt (4)
C) a Juicy Couture gold iPod case (3)
D) Louis Vuitton jewelled pumps (1)7. Your favourite trend this season is:
A) white shirts (1)
B) pleated skirts and dresses (4)
C) lace and crocheted fabrics (2)
D) metallic and sequined fabrics (3)

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8. When you open your closet you mostly see:
A) skirts and dresses (3)
B) accessories (4)
C) denim (1)
D) cashmere, silk and wool (2)

9. When putting together an outfit, your first priority is:
A) making a statement (4)
B) looking sexy (3)
C) being comfortable (1)
D) all of the above (2)

10. On your next shopping trip you’d choose to go to:
A) Milan (1)
B) New York (3)
C) Paris (2)
D) London (4)

11. For your red-carpet debut, the designer you’d mostly likely wear would be:
A) Roberto Cavalli (3)
B) Giorgio Armani (1)
C) Victor & Rolf (4)
D) Zac Posen (2)

12. Your hair is best described as:
A) cute and easy (1)
B) trendy but cool (2)
C) long and luxurious (3)
D) always changing (4)

Change up your look with Elle’s free Virtual Makeover Tool!Low-maintenance sexpot, like Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts (12-20)

You wake up looking great and it drives your friends crazy. Throw on a pair of comfy jeans and a tailored shirt, run your fingers through your hair and you’re out the door. You care about your looks (who doesn’t, right?) but you don’t let your appearance dictate your life — you’ve got too many other great things going on!

Must-have piece this season: white cotton tuxedo shirt

Contemporary but classic, like Natalie Portman and Nicole Kidman (21-29)

Your great taste is the envy of all who know you. Putting an outfit together just comes naturally. You like to look current but you’re not a slave to trends and won’t bow to whims — you know what looks good on you and you’re stickin’ to it. Taking time in the morning to make sure everything is in its place isn’t a bother, it’s a ritual!

Must-have piece this season: full-cut linen pants

Glamorous and red-carpet ready, like Eva Longoria and Charlize Theron (30-38)

Gold, silver and sequins, oh my! If it’s shiny and new you make it your own (especially if it’s shiny!). And so what if it takes you two hours to get ready for work? Looking this fabulous is what being a woman is all about, and you never know when the paparazzi might show up. Besides, turning heads is just so much fun.

Must-have piece this season: sequined handbag

Trendsetting icon, like Sarah Jessica Parker and Madonna (39-48)

Fashion is your life but somehow it doesn’t seem like work. You’re trendy and cool but it never looks like you’re trying too hard (well, almost never). Your wardrobe is full of one-of-a-kind pieces and eventually you’ll get around to wearing all of them! Until then you’ll keep hunting for that next amazing accessory. Shop on!

Must-have piece this season: metallic ballet slippers

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