Ready for some totally salacious scandalous tales of Will and Kate letting loose on vacation? Lurid stories of Kate sending back a pina colada because it wasn’t “pina enough”? Or perhaps shocking revelations of Will’s love of spear-fishing…in the nude? 

Yeah…not going to happen. A fellow guest who hung out with the Cambridges on vacation is spilling the beans, however…and it sounds like the pair are NICE. Ugh, right? 

As you’ll know, Will and Kate are big fans of the island of Mustique, an ultra-exclusive, ultra-pricey hideaway where they’ve been for both of their babymoons. A jewellery designer named Martin Katz happened to be staying at the same hotel as the pair (The Cotton House) and ran into them at a cocktail party. 

He describes Kate as being “very chatty and open”, even approaching Katz at the bar for a chat, wearing “no noticeable makeup”. Their “pleasant” conversation took a turn for the awkward, however, when Mr Katz’s wife joined them, went to shake Will’s hand, and spilled punch all over our future king. Luckily, Wills was ready with a witty quip (“That was refreshing”), and they all returned to their discussion of scuba diving. 

This was all in 2008, however, so it’s entirely possible that lovely couple have since turned into total monsters. 


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