Now that we’ve had sufficient time to recover from the sudden onset, acute case of the Death by Cute the internet suffered overnight, here are all the details on Princess Charlotte’s six month portrait…including the identity of that mystery bear. 

Snapped by her mum, the DoC, Char was pictured wearing what we assume in the royal version of infant athleisure—a cotton frock in an iconic Brit brand Liberty print, a soft candy-hued cashmere cardie, and matching tights. 

Nearly (as if anyone could compete with those baby blues) stealing the spotlight was Charlotte’s co-star in one of the pics, a fuzzy creature of unidentifiable animal genus. Turns out, it is a “Fuddlewuddle Puppy” from a UK toy co called Jelly Cats, who we predict are about to have their best quarter ever. (Thanks KMid!)


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