Is there a Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris reunion tour in the works?

Let us play detective for a moment.

At the Tommy Hilfiger show during NYFW, Tay sat front and centre to support squad member Gigi Hadid. (Gigi collaborated with the designer for the TommyxGigi collection.)

When Calvin and Rihanna’s jam “This Is What You Came For” came on – you’ll recall Taylor wrote this song under the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg – during her pal Gigi’s runway walk, she started to sing along.

She also took a video of this moment and posted it on Instagram. 



If that’s not enough evidence for you, Harris later liked the video, which superfan @taycalvin immortalized in a screengrab and posted.




BACK TAYVIN???? #calvinharris #taylorswift #tayvin

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What does it all mean? Post-Hiddleswift damage control? Publicity for his upcoming album? A rekindled relationship? A simple truce?

Maybe the answer will be on her next album…along with all the feels from her relationship with Tom. We can only hope.