Guys, Kate Middleton can speak! And she’s really eloquent and kinda funny! 

As any Royal Watcher might know, we don’t really get to hear a lot of the Duchess of Cambridge’s voice—she’s never done a solo TV interview for instance, and she’s not one for big speeches. But today, we not only get to hear her talk at length, but we also get to see her lead a super-moving conversation with her husband and her brother-in-law about mental health.

The royal trio (sadly sans Meghan, George and Charlotte) gathered around a picnic table in some idyllic British woodland, and to the sounds of birds chirping, get pretty real discussing bottling up their feelings, the terror of new parenthood, and what they want for their children. 

If your Fancy British Accent is a little rusty, Kensington Palace have helpfully provided subtitles.