We all love Adele for her voice, storytelling, sense of humour and unfiltered reactions. On Tuesday night at her concert in Mexico City, fans were treated to all four when a bat interrupted the concert causing her to freak the eff out.

“Oh my god. There’s a f*cking bat! ‘Welcome to Mexico.’ It’s true. I’m happy to be here but a f*cking bat?” she yelled.



The incident was not Adele’s first battle with bats, she informed her audience. “One time one got into my house. It was very scary. I was on my own. It very, very, scary. I had to deal with it. I had to put all the lights off and put a torch right by a window. It’s a long story, I’ll tell you another time.”

Adele’s North American tour comes to a close on November 21 in Phoenix, AZ, and picks up again in February in Australia. No bats invited, please.