If Kim Kardashian wasn’t already in enough hot water—thanks to a reported lawsuit filed by her own staff—she certainly is now. The reason? Fans of the Kardashian-Jenner clan may recall a certain birthday party for the SKIMS founder back in October 2020, that took place on a remote island amidst the worst of the pandemic in the United States.

While the Kardashians insisted that every measure was taken to ensure the safety of their guests, some were skeptical. And rightly so, since a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians confirmed that Kim actually tested positive for the virus, following the soirée.

According to TMZ, a trailer for the show’s latest episode reveals that Kim’s eldest son, Saint West, contracted the virus at school, but it turns out, the entire family ended up testing positive for COVID-19, which resulted in halting production for 14 days while they all quarantined.

Throughout the episode, Kim finds out that Saint tested positive for the virus, apparently passing it on to his sister, North West, who also began to feel unwell. By the end of the episode, viewers are told that both North and Kim had contracted the virus.


But how do fans know that their illness was actually a result of their controversial island vacation? Thanks to Buzzfeed, the publication was able to figure out exactly when Kim received her positive COVID test result, given that the news was not announced at the time.

In the episode, prior to discovering Saint’s diagnosis, Kim was concerned about her legal Bar Exam, which she took on November 17. And thanks to the publication’s sleuthing, they discovered that she was experiencing symptoms at least one week before that date, making it fairly likely that she received a positive test result around late October to early November. And given that the island party took place on October 27, it all adds up.

Of course, the entire Kardashian family now look to be perfectly healthy, with both children seemingly recovered from the virus.