The Best Moments from Meghan and Harry’s First Royal Tour

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Keeping track of what the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did while visiting Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand.

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    With the tour winding down, Meghan gave a powerful speech about feminism at Government House in New Zealand, celebrating the country's 125th anniversary of women's suffrage. “Suffrage is not simply about the right to vote but also about what that represents: the basic and fundamental human right of being able to participate in the choices for your future and that of your community, the involvement and voice that allows you to be a part of the very world that you are a part of,” she said. 
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    Meghan Markle has made her return to social media—sort of. During rehearsals for the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games, Meghan captured this behind-the-scenes photo of Prince Harry up on stage. The Kensington Palace twitter account shared the pic, giving full credit to the Duchess of Sussex, of course. 
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    When Meghan announced her pregnancy, it was reported that she had sought medical advice before embarking on the tour because of Zika virus advisories in Fiji and Tonga. During the Tonga leg of the trip, the Tupou College Boys Choir and performed a hilarious song to keep the mosquitoes away. The mom-to-be found their performance so funny she was brought to tears of laughter! 
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    It's royal déjà vu! On their first day in Fiji, Meghan and Harry stepped out onto the dream balcony of the Grand Pacific Hotel—just as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip first did in 1953.“This visit is particularly nostalgic for us as a young married couple," Harry said at a gala later on. "My grandparents stayed in this very hotel, the Grand Pacific, a number of times over the years.”
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    Even royals need to practice their speeches! Harry ran through his his remarks before Saturday's opening ceremonies for the Invictus Games for an audience of one at the Sydney Opera House: his wife! Meghan sat front row and carefully listened to Harry's rehearsal. 
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    Cute couple alert: the Duke and Duchess of Sussex opted for matching T-shirts while out for the Invictus Games.
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    Prince Harry climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge solo to help raise the Invictus Games flag. On the way back down, he chatted with Gwen Cherne, the widow of a late Australian special forces officer about grief and loss and her family, and gave her a comforting hug. “He understood what I meant.," Cherne told People. "When you understand loss, I think it’s obvious." 
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    Another day, another beach for Meghan and Harry! This time, the pair went barefoot on the sand and looked super cozy together. While at Bondi Beach, the participated in a "Fluro Friday" session, an"anti bad vibe circle" where people open up and share their experiences with mental health issues.
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    It looks like a romantic stroll along a beach in Melbourne for Meghan and Harry, even though there's a group of people waiting for them!
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    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were shown a student-designed Formula 1 racing project, which Meghan got to launch. Only problem: she was caught off guard by the mini explosion when the cars took off and jumped in shock. "I was not expecting that," she said as she and Harry laughed.
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    Upon the couple's arrival in Melbourne, Meghan was given a sweet, handmade gift from six-year-old boy waiting in the crowd: a pasta necklace! The duchess immediately put on the gold-painted necklace and didn't take it off until entering a reception. 
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    Teenage royal fan India Brown greeted Prince Harry in Melbourne with a sign that read: "Been Here Since 4 am! Loved U Since I Was 8!!!" according to ABC News. When the prince saw the sign, he made his way over to Brown and gave her a hug, causing her to burst into tears.
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    Meghan and Harry look sooo romantic standing under an umbrella together. 
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    In Dubbo, Prince Harry was greeted by an adorable five-year-old boy, Luke Vincent, who went right in for a hug and a tug on his beard. Luke's school principal told People that the little boy loves Santa Claus, and so, loves beards! 
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    People adds that Harry also introduced Meghan to the sweet boy, asking: "Luke, will you please give my wife a hug as well?"
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    Also in Dubbo, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited a family-run farm struggling during a drought and Meghan brought along a very special treat: a banana bread she baked herself
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    While in Sydney, Prince Harry spotted a familiar face in the crowd: 98-year-old war widow Daphne Dunne. Harry has met Dunne twice before, in 2015 and 2017 according to People, and greeted her with a big hug.
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    Harry, of course, introduced his old friend to Meghan. "I'm so happy to finally meet you. I've heard so much about you," she told Dunne, People reports.

    "I think it's wonderful, the two of you," Dunne added, congratulating the couple on both their marriage and just-announced pregnancy.
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    Nothing says Australia like some one-on-one time with a koala at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney! Here, Meghan and Harry meet Rubi, who recently gave birth to a joey the zoo named after the prince.
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