Nothing truly humbles you like being memed at the Met Gala. Not even the most highbrow of celebrity gatherings can escape the tomfoolery of the Internet. Who could forget when Rihanna’s gorgeous golden Guo Pei gown was promptly turned into a pizza? Or when Kim Kardashian’s floral dress was likened to a sofa? “Jason Derulo” can’t seem to stop falling from those carpeted stairs!

With another iteration of the red carpet parade in the books, there was a whole new set of outfits for viewers react to and play with—because, while the stars definitely bring the fashion, Twitter undoubtedly brings the jokes. Here were some of the best.

[Insert name here] has arrived to the Met Gala.

The guest list at this year’s event was smaller than usual (about a third less than its usual size, The New York Times reports) and fans’ imaginations of who was actually invited ran wild. We’re talking Shrek, the Annette doll from Annette, and Jacob from Twilight. Anything is possible!

Kim Kardashian attends in her shadow form.

Kim K stepped onto the red carpet shrouded from head to toe in a black Balenciaga look, face covered and all. While she wowed us with the ensemble, the reactions got out of hand when she started posing with her sister Kendall.

Frank Ocean brings a little green baby.

“Don’t talk to me or my son ever again.”

More shenanigans ensued.

From judging the celebrity looks to the confusion over this year’s theme, Twitter did not skimp on the jokes tonight.

And, without fail, Jason Derulo falls again.

To be clear, this years-old meme does not even feature Derulo, but it still remains hilarious every time it resurfaces. Every. Single. Time.

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