Yes, yes Ben Higgins is polite, cute, smiley and blah, blah, blah. All these qualities make good husband material, but not so great TV. See Bland Man. Luckily, this week’s episode had five gems (in no particular order)

The twins, Haley and Emily
Okay, we know they are only on for the ratings and to fulfill some dated male fantasy, but they are endearing, self-deprecating and say what all the other contestants want to say. Also, they gave Coco Rocha a run for their money with that fab Irish dancing at the talent show. Sadly, Hayley went home.

America’s got talent
Speaking of the talent show, it was kinda refreshing to see the sea of blonde contestants differentiate themselves with their adorable, but geeky talents – from juggling to dressing like a chicken? Still shuddering from Olivia’s cake moment and the Ben puppet.

When the helicopter nearly blew Ben and JoJo off the roof
Romance flew – ha! – out the window when the helicopter coming to pick up the couple knocked the table over. Also not romantic: the Vegas skyline in the afternoon. Let’s up the budget, ABC.

The unravelling of Olivia

Sadly, we’ve all been there – overthinking all of our actions around the person we like (although my meltdowns haven’t included a feather boa and jumping out of a cake…yet). Every time she hunted Ben down (or referred to herself in the third person), it was painful to watch.

Ben’s ordained as a minister!
So cutie! We got to see him wed a handful of couples, but better yet, he showed us some of his personality. A touching, if a tad boring, date  with emerging frontrunner Becca followed.


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