1. What is Madonna’s full name?
Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone
b) Madonna Mary Cicon
c) It’s just Madonna, like Cher is simply Cher
d) None of the above are correct

2. Which of the following nicknames did Madonna pick up from her religious beliefs?
b) Maddy
c) Esther
d) M

3. Who is Madonna currently married to?
Guy Ritchie
b) Sean Connery
c) Sean Penn
d) Dennis Rodman

4. Who has Madonna been rumoured to have had an affair with this past spring?
a) Lenny Kravitz
b) Alex Rodriguez
c) George Clooney
Randy Moss

5. Who, of the following, is Madonna’s close personal friend?
Gwyneth Paltrow
b) Stella McCartney
c) a and b
d) Jane Seymour

6. What diet is Madonna on to keep her form in top shape?
Tuna diet
b) Macrobiotic diet
c) The Zone
d) Cabbage diet

Who recently published a juicy tell-all book about Madonna?
Christopher Ciccone
b) Guy Ritchie
c) Michelina Ciccone
There is no such book written about Madonna

8. What is the name of Lourdes’ father?
Guy Ritchie
b) Carlos Leon
Adam Smith
Harley Pasternak

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9. Madonna has always been a style icon. Through the years she has popularized wearing…
b) The cone bustier
c) Cowboy hats
d) All of the above

10. What is the name of Madonna’s most recent tour?
World Tour
b) Sticky and Sweet
d) None of the above

11. Which of these items was NOT on the laundry list of items Madonna simply had to have on her most recent tour?
4 YSL lipstick
b) 30 wardrobe trunks
c) 1 bread maker
d) 12 trampolines

12. What was the name of Madonna’s highly criticized, ill-fated film?
A League of Their Own
b) Swept Away
c) Crossroads
d) Sliver

13. Madonna has always been controversial. More specifically, what did the Puerto Rican House of Representatives chastise her for?
Disrespecting the Puerto Rican flag
b) Gyrating inappropriately on stage
c) Spitting on a fan
d) Flashing during one of her concerts

14. And speaking of bad-girl behaviour, which of these songs caused international controversy followed by Pepsi pulling out of a contract with Madonna to be the icon of their ad campaign?
Like A Prayer
Papa Don’t Preach
c) Material Girl
d) Borderline

15. Although she is still the Queen of Pop, Madonna recently turned:
b) 40
d) 60

16. How many times did Madonna drop the F bomb while appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman?
b) 27
c) 1
d) She never said the word f**k at all

Image courtesy of James Devaney/WireImage.comANSWER KEY:
1. A
Madonna also has an array of nicknames, including Nonnie, Mo and M (which is what her friends call her).

2. C Madonna’s religious name, Esther, comes from the Zohar (a.k.a. Bible) of the Kabbalah faith, which is spirituality based in Jewish mysticism.

3. A Madonna married Guy Ritchie in Scotland’s 19th-century Skibo Castle. Her maid of honour was long-time friend Gwyneth Paltrow, and her dressed was designed by another close personal friend, Stella McCartney. Other celebs in attendance included Donatella Versace, Rupert Everett and Sting (who wore a traditional quilt).

4. B The Yankee ball player, A-Rod, was reportedly lured to Madonna by the teachings of the Kabbalah. Although Madonna states her and Guy don’t plan to get a divorce, A-Rod’s wife, Cynthia, filed this past summer. Her lawyer claims that, “Madonna was the last straw.”

5. A Gwyneth was Madonna’s maid of honour in her marriage to Guy Ritchie. But, the pair has been reported to have had a falling out because Madonna declined Gwyneth’s invite to a Kabbalah study group in London. Can we say…high school drama?

6. B The macrobiotic diet consists of a daily regiment of whole grains, soup, beans, vegetables, and seeds and nuts.

7. A This past summer Madonna’s estranged brother published a tell-all book about her. He wrote the book, without his sister’s consent, in collaboration with British journalist Wendy Leigh. The book is reported to be extremely vivid and graphic.

8. B Lourdes’ father is an actor/personal trainer. But, even with all the controversy surrounding Madonna the pair still maintain a good relationship.

9. D Madonna has always been on the fashion radar as shocking and innovative. However, she did confessed to People Magazine, “I’ve never liked shopping- I don’t like going into a store and going through racks.”

10. B Her most recent tour is called Sticky and Sweet. Currently performing in European cities, the singer has also asked fans in the first front rows to not smoke.

11. C Although Madonna did not in fact request a bread-maker for her tour, she does have nine people working the wardrobe department, and five people helping with costume changes and transitions. In addition, the traveling trampolines are used by her and her dance crew in training.

12. B The singer turned actress won the Worst Screen Couple at the Razzie Awards for her performance with co-star Adriano Giannini for the terrible film Swept Away (2002).

13. A Madonna got herself into a sticky situation with the Puerto Rican House of Representatives when she pulled the flag between her legs during a concert on October 26th 1993.

14. A The extremely controversial video for Madonna’s 1989 single Like A Prayer featured burning crosses, murder and racism. As a result, her $5 million contract to promote Pepsi fell through after the commercial had aired only once during The Cosby Show.

15. A Madonna has reached the half-century mark. Just because the Queen of Pop has turned 50 doesn’t mean she shows any signs of slowing down. What sums up her attitude towards turning the big 5-0 best is the lyrics to her song Give It 2 Me, “There’s no beginning and no ending.”

BONUS QUESTION 16. A In this infamous one-on-one with David Letterman in 1994 Madonna let her potty mouth get the better of her by saying the F-word 13 times. For someone with an IQ of 140 that was not so smart.

Image courtesy of James Devaney/WireImage.com HOW DID YOU SCORE
You have been following Madonna since the beginning. You are definitely one of her biggest fans. You are a star when it comes to Madonna pop trivia. You surely are that person who will take any opportunity to correct a false statement made about the Queen of Pop.

MOSTLY B’s: You are a close runner up. Although you know a lot about Madonna, you are lacking a few key details. Keep surfing the web. You can never know too much about Madonna.

MOSTLY C’s: You got a few right, so you are not a complete ignoramus when it comes to Madonna. But, don’t celebrate your success just yet. You need to do a little more research. If this quiz has taught you one thing it’s that you can never read enough celebrity gossip.

MOSTLY D’s: You are the equivalent of a Madonna trivia space cadet. You are not too sure of what’s going on with Madge, but went ahead and guessed anyway. But, don’t be discouraged. A little time watching ET and can get you caught up in no time.

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