Sofia Richie doesn’t care that you think she’s short

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"I really don’t let that stuff get to me."

In a new interview with Complex, Sofia Richie, daughter of music icon Lionel Richie, opens up about the challenges she has faced while working in the modelling industry. The 5-foot-6 model says she’s often criticized because of her petite stature. “People obviously don’t respect some of the shoots I do because I’m short,” she explained.



However the 18-year-old model she promises she doesn’t let criticism faze her. “It’s not like I called and begged these designers to work with me,” she says. “They felt my vibe and we were cool and that’s that. I really don’t let that stuff get to me.”

Other highlights of the interview? Richie did not want to talk about Justin Bieber. Richie’s publicist made it clear that “no questions” could be asked about the former fling. Sad face.


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While the status of Sofia and Justin’s romance remains unclear, one thing is certain. Right now Sofia is focusing on her career. “I’m super interested in having a fashion line which I am kind of working on, but I really love modelling because I get to be involved with clothes and designers. I get to hear them out and see what they’re interested in. I’m kind of taking notes in the corner.”

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