You know how Naomi Campbell famously wouldn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000? Well, Princess Charlotte is raising the 90’s supe some serious game. She’s less than a year old, she’s only officially been seen twice…and already the tot is worth in THE BILLIONS: 5 to be exact.  If you do the math, that works out to “I don’t get out of my crib for less than 2.5 billion a day”.

Let us explain: We all know about the Kate effect (which spawned the George effect), where if either of them so much as breathes in the vicinity of an item, that thing sells out immediately, pumping many extra dineros into the economy. The numbers have been crunched on what that will look like over Charlotte’s lifetime, and apparently, that “endorsement” will be worth over 5 billion USD. 

Perhaps even more impressive? Big brother George (despite the miracle he performed with Crocs) is estimated to generate a paltry 3.6 billion for the global economy. And that’s before Charlotte’s discovered a magical place, beloved by her mother, called Zara. 


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