This pouty punk princess turned fashionista has had one roller-coaster moment after another this year. Ms. Lavigne signed on with Ford models in January, two of her three new films premiered at Cannes in May, and she just recently tied the knot with her longtime love, Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley.

ELLE was able to catch this ever-rising starlette in the midst of her whirlwind life for a few words on fashion, style, life, and embarrassing tween-age daydreams.

ELLE Canada: How do you like modelling so far?

Avril Lavigne: “When you put on all these outfits for a fashion shoot, like I did for ELLE Canada, you just feel so beautiful. The clothes were awesome — really cool. Before, I wasn’t open to wearing dresses and frilly stuff, but now I’m totally into it. Now it’s fun for me. I can totally be a chick, put on the most expensive clothes and go stand in front of the camera — like who the hell wouldn’t want to do that?”

EC: Do you think stylists have too much influence on a person’s look?

AL: “I think they really can. Sometimes a stylist’s clients all look the same — it’s hysterical! I just started working with a stylist, and I like her because she totally gets me. She gets my rock edge and adds in things that maybe I wouldn’t find. But I love having a stylist mostly because I hate going shopping. It’s so annoying. And if you have a stylist, it usually means free clothes! [laughs] I always had a stylist when it came time to do things like [The Tonight Show With] Jay Leno and all those shows, but on my tours and in my everyday life it was all just me. No one ever influenced my style.”

EC: What are the three must-have items in your purse?

AL: “Black eyeliner, mascara — I love mascara — and lip moisturizer. And, by the way, I have the longest eyelashes in the world! All the makeup artists tell me they’ve never seen eyelashes as long as mine!”

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Photo courtesy of EC: How did you spend your off time in Austin, Texas, shooting Fast Food Nation?

AL: “We would go to karaoke bars. I went to one place and started singing Green Day songs, and the whole bar just stopped. It was so awesome. They were completely shocked to see me up there. I was wasted and just completely rocking out. Then one night we went to another bar, and there was some guy on stage playing acoustic guitar. I walked up to give him a tip, and his mouth dropped open and he said: ‘Oh, my God! You’re Avril Lavigne!’ He asked me to sing with him, so I got up and sang ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door’ and a couple of my songs, and the whole place just went nuts. Then when I got off the stage, everyone started crowding around me so we ran down the street — everyone started running after us. It was insane.”

EC: Tell us — what are your favourite karaoke songs?

AL: “I like singing Britney Spears songs. I don’t make fun of her, but I guess it sounds funny coming from me. And I love singing ‘Mmmbop’ by Hanson — that’s my guilty pleasure.”

EC: Speaking of guilty pleasures, what is your favourite edible guilty pleasure?

AL: “Pizza, but I don’t like to eat meat, and I don’t like to eat dairy. I lead a very healthy lifestyle — drinking aside. I’M KIDDING! I only have, like, two drinks when I drink. But I can sure hold my liquor. I used to be so wild and crazy. I was thinking about that when I woke up this morning. I’m like, ‘God, the things I used to do!’ I’ve never touched drugs, though.”

EC: What do you love about acting?

AL: “I’m a really deep person. I remember I used to sit in my room and just stare at the mirror and try to make myself cry. Acting is another type of performance, and I love when I can get emotional stuff out of myself. That’s what really makes me happy.”

EC: Who was your teenage crush?

AL: “Everyone asks me that. I’ve never told anyone, but I’ll tell you: I wanted to marry Taylor Hanson. I was like 10 years old and sooo in love with him.”

EC: What has been your weirdest fan encounter so far?

AL: “I was in Korea, and a guy came up to me and gave me a wedding dress when I arrived at the airport. And I was like, ‘Ewww!

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