In the ongoing chronicle that is ‘Shia LeBeouf doing strange things’, the one time actor, full time performance artist is spending 24 hours riding up and down in an elevator…and you can watch it live.

Along with two other members of his art collective, Shia is spending 24 hours in a ‘lift’ at Oxford University, a stunt that the uni’s student union is billing as an ‘extended talk’, but honestly just seems to be a lot of awkward small talk between the actor and the random students getting on and off the lift in the ten minutes we could bear watching the live stream. 

The most exciting thing we witnessed was a student who missed her train to London as a result of being stuck in the elevator with Shia, which you know, is inconvenient. 

The craziest part of all?

He’s doing it again for another 24 hours tomorrow. 




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