You know who’s living her best life RN? Serena Williams, that’s who. Not only is she crushing it at Wimbledon right now, she’s also just become the first person in the entire world to get the elusive Kate Middleton to snap a selfie with her.*

The tennis star whipped out her iPhone while engaged in polite chit-chat with the royal backstage at the tennis tournament, and we’re pretty sure she didn’t ask first – Kate Middleton looks a tiny bit startled / deer in the headlights / a little awkward TBH in the video of the Snap. 

She pulls it together though just in time for a selfie with Serena…but not without pulling in her aunt-in-law Sophie Wessex for a little moral support. 

So basically…even if you don’t win the tourno Serena, you’ve already won Snapchat for like, all of 2016. 





*Unless George has a secret Snapchat account.