Priyanka Chopra is here to remind us that Meghan Markle is not just Prince Harry’s GF

May 24 2017 by
Categories : Celebrity

Bravo, Priyanka! The actress was just asked about her friendship with Meghan Markle, described as “Prince Harry’s girlfriend”…and the Baywatch star was having none of it. 

“She has her own accomplishments!” interrupted Chopra when talk show host Wendy Williams tried to pivot the interview in that direction. You can live the “yes, women do in fact exist and have value outside of their relationships with them” moment below. 

And if you need a refresher on how Meghan was filling her time in the like, 3 and half decades before she decided to date a royal? She’s an actress, a lifestyle blogger, the face of brands, and an advocate for women and girls. 


Categories: Celebrity