It’s a fairly accepted piece of “information” (speculation) that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are going to get engaged at some point in the not so distant future. All the signs (that very public appearance at the Invictus Games, her very likely departure from Suits, the fact that they seem really happy and in love etc etc) point that way…but is it happening this week? Not so fast.

The royal rumour mill went into over drive yesterday when Meghan was spotted getting a facial in London after reportedly selling up in Toronto and moving in with her royal boyfriend. The facial part is important because obviously that means she’s getting prepped for a photo call announcing their official plans to marry…right?

Maybe? But you know, she could also just be in the market for some solid exfoliation after a long slog of filming her TV show / hydration post trans Atlantic flight.

PS. That scarf Meghan is wearing in all those paparazzi pics from yesterday? It’s by her beloved Sentaler, a Canadian brand she wears all the time, and is aptly named the “Royal Baby Alpaca Classic Wrap“.