At first glance, One Direction’s earnings for 2015 seem a little low. Only 19,000 pounds? It’s only when you realise that’s PER DAY that it sinks in: There’s still money to made out of this old music business. 

That’s right: Every single day of the year in 2014, Liam, Harry, Niall, Louis, and (dare we speak his name?) Zayn took home nearly $40,000 Canadian dollars, and that’s after all of their “expenses” (ie: private jets) have been subtracted.That’s thanks to their world tour, merch, and lucrative sponsorships.

In case the largeness of that number hasn’t sunk in, let’s try this: Last year, five guys in their early twenties made over $145 million dollars. 

So…who wants to join my band? 


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