Coming straight from the set of the NBC drama Las Vegas, actress Molly Sims knows a thing or two about charming people into opening up their wallets. In 2005, Molly Sims came to Toronto to kick up her Jimmy Choos at the Pink Bedroom Party, thrown by Canadian accessories label Jeanne Lottie and sponsored by ELLE Canada. Proceeds from the bash go to The Campbell Family Institute for Breast Cancer Research at Toronto’s Princess Margaret Hospital.

If you’re so afraid of flying, how did you make it up here for last year’s event?
“I’m getting better, but I’m still superstitious. I have to step on-board with my right foot, blow a kiss and touch the plane with my right hand. When we’re taking off, I can’t talk to anyone. For the rest of the flight, I have my mask, my shawl and my pillow.”

So, what does an all-American girl like you think of the Great White North?
“I love it! Recently, I went on a road trip across British Columbia with a friend from Vancouver Island [rumoured to be War of the Worlds actor and Nanaimo native Justin Chatwin]. I came up from L.A. and we met in Nelson, B.C., at one o’clock in the morning. The girl at the reception desk where we stayed was like, ‘No way! What the heck is Molly Sims doing in Nelson?’”

Has breast cancer ever touched you personally?
“No. I’ve been fortunate not to have any immediate experience with it. But it can happen to anybody. Look at Sheryl Crow. There’s someone who eats well and exercises regularly. I just think the more money we can raise for research, the sooner we can get this disease under control.”

You’re very hands-on with your charity work.
“My profile has helped me to give more to the charities I care about most. Writing a cheque is one thing, but showing up at an event and giving your time is something very different. At last year’s Pink Bedroom Party, I worked the room doing lip imprints for the online charity auction. That’s so me, to get right in there! Plus, I love knowing the lipstick and makeup trends six months in advance!”

Your schedule is so full. How do you do it all?
“I’m a Gemini. I was born to multi-task. I can make a list, do laundry, learn my lines, make out with my boyfriend and be on the phone with a girlfriend all at the same time! Being busy feeds my creativity.”

You have said that you believe in psychics. Any news about what’s next for you?
“I haven’t seen any psychics lately, but I plan to. A friend on — set told me about a phenomenal one, about a two-hour drive from L.A. I’m curious about what they have to say, but I don’t take it too seriously. My dad went to see one when I was about 12, and when she started talking about me she told him ‘I see flashbulbs.’”

Jeanne Lottie, or Jun Lok Tai in Chinese, means “true happiness.”What’s your definition of true happiness?
“If everything went away — money, success, status — it’s being content with yourself. It’s all you have at the end of the day. It’s like I always say: Be yourself, fill your life with good people and don’t get a big head.”

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