It’s been almost 20 years since Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps met on set of Dawson’s Creek and became the adorable BFFs we love spotting on award show red carpets today. This week, at long last, the pair will be seen in the same movie, I Feel Pretty (which stars Amy Schumer and was co-written and directed by Philipps’ husband Marc Silverstein). To celebrate, let’s honour their beautiful friendship. Then, text all your friends.


Dawson’s Creek, 2001

Friendship blossomed between the two BFFs when Philipps joined the cast of Dawson’s Creek in season five as Joey’s (Katie Holmes) college roommate. Thankfully, their (and our) fashion senses have evolved since then.


Academy Awards, 2006


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Williams had two dates to the Oscars in 2006: Philipps and then-partner, the late Heath Ledger (both Williams and Ledger were nominated for their roles in Brokeback Mountain). Philipps has since attended three other Academy Awards ceremonies with her bestie, in 2011, 2012 and 2017.



Instagram Official, 2012 


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The besties publicly shared a selfie in one of the earlier posts on Philipps’ now-famous IG, back when it was still popular to use intense filters and borders on the app.



Vacation, 2014 


Bffs. I LOVE VACATION. #maldives #2017 #tequlia

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Philipps and Williams are glowing in this photo from their joint vacation in the Maldives to ring in the new year. 



Selfie Break, 2015 

Like any self-respecting BFFs, the stars stopped for a fun selfie during a trip to the bathroom (a frequent setting for selfies of the two on Philipps’ Insta).



Blackbird, 2016 


So proud of my best friend. Again. And always.

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Philipps made a trip out to Broadway to watch Williams star in the drama Blackbird. The pair also attended the Tonys later this same year when Williams was nominated for her performance in the play.



Manchester By The Sea, 2016 

Always the proud and supportive BFF, Philipps attended a Manchester By The Sea screening with Williams—and ended up with crab cakes smushed into her. Oops!



Carb-loading, 2017 



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The friends that eat pasta together stay together.



Flightmates, 2017 


Holding hands across the aisle on takeoff. Flying with your bff is the best!

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Flying is easier when you’re holding hands with your best friend.



I Feel Pretty, 2017 


Just two BFFs on lunch break. #ifeelpretty

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The two pals grabbed a quick bite to eat—while still in costume!—during filming of I Feel Pretty last year.



BFF Chic, 2017 

Philipps celebrated Williams’ 37th birthday with the coolest matching jackets we’ve ever seen.



Emotional Support, 2018 


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Earlier this year, Philipps flew out to visit Williams on the 10-year anniversary of Heath Ledger’s death. Philipps was friends with the late actor as well, and is godmother to his child with Williams, Matilda.



Back to the Creek, 2018 

Entertainment Weekly reunited the cast of Dawson’s Creek to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the show. In her Insta stories, Philipps revealed that Williams asked Philipps to be on her individual cover, and also called the show the start of their “love story.” Awww.



I Feel Pretty Premiere, 2018 

Williams and Philipps celebrated the premiere of their new movie in style for the most fab girl’s night out.