Why we love him

If the crooner from Burnaby B.C., hasn’t already won you over with his Sinatra-esque melodies and puppy dog eyes, then Michael Bublé‘s off-the-cuff banter should do it. “We’re doing a story on my sexiness?” he quips over the line from Los Angeles. “Okay, that makes me happy.”

What’s keeping him busy

In addition to the release of his memoir, Onstage Offstage, and his new album Christmas, Bublé is well into his first year of marriage to Argentine actress Luisana Lopilato. “I love her. She’s my best bud,” enthuses the 36-year-old as he goes into a full-on imitation of his wife’s accent. It’s clear he’s smitten, but still cheeky. “I have to tell you, ever since I’ve put a wedding ring on my finger, it’s definitely seemed to make me more attractive,” he jokes. “I wonder if girls are going, ‘What is it about him, there must be something good.’ ”

Why he writes from the heart

“Every song I’ve written is because of something I’ve gone through — whether I’ve been in love or felt terrible, or I’ve hurt someone or someone has destroyed me. I can’t write unless I’m feeling something extreme,” he explains. “When you do that, you allow people listening to your music to also become attached emotionally. You hit a chord somewhere — you make them feel something.”

Why family comes first

While Bublé’s irreverence might convince otherwise, it’s clear he’s a softie. “My grandpa’s one of my best friends. On every album, I record something for him. It’s usually the last song of each record — that’s for him.”