Not that we expected any less, but it’s been confirmed: Meghan Markle’s wedding involves a carriage…possibly more than one.

Meghan and Harry released a slew of new details about their plans (via Kensington Palace, of course), the most exciting detail of which is that they will be touring the Windsor area in a “carriage procession” after the ceremony. Not confirmed yet is whether Meghan will be arriving via horse-drawn vehicle as well, but it seems a missed opportunity if not, right?

The ceremony itself will take plan at noon, and should be all wrapped by 1, when their guests will head off for a reception nearby. (This means an early wake up for us in Canada, since they’re five hours ahead. Plan a wedding viewing brunch party). Harry and Meghan will loop the block, wave to the gathered crowds, and then rejoin their guests. The real party, however, takes place later that night at a “private reception” hosted by Prince Charles.

PSA: In case it isn’t in your calendar already, this all goes down on Saturday, May 19.