Meghan Markle, who just one week ago made her public engagement debut with fiancé Prince Harry, is actually quite far from him and London right now physically. E! reports that Markle is in Los Angeles visiting her mom. But Markle will be back in the UK for Christmas which she’ll spend at Sandringham, where the traditional royal family celebrations are held.

And in the meantime, she and Prince Harry are “big texters” and FaceTime “every day when they’re apart,” a source told E!. Harry apparently loves to use an emoji or gif.


He’s also, according to TMZ, playing the role of Markle’s royal etiquette instructor. Lessons he’s teaching her include curtsy rules, how to address dignitaries, State dinner table etiquette, and more. He’s been giving Markle homework for months now—even before they were engaged—TMZ is reporting. (Though whether he’s the kind of teacher who’ll give his fiancée an assignment while she’s on break isn’t clear.)

Markle and Harry have a big holiday ahead beyond Christmas, too. Us Weekly and E! are reporting the two are planning a getaway immediately after the holidays wrap up, likely somewhere tropical, but the exact destination hasn’t been disclosed. “They’re looking forward to some sun,” a source told E!.

“They plan to go on vacation together for more than a week,” a source told Us Weekly. “Expect them to come back tanned, refreshed and ready to take on a very busy 2018.”