While we’ve all been giddily jumping up and down over Meghan and Harry’s engagement over here, other members of the royal family have been going about their usual business. How is Kate Middleton using this (no doubt actually quite welcome) break from occupying the entirety of the spotlight / constant scrutiny of the status of her baby bump? Well, she got her green thumb on.

Strictly speaking, this was a public engagement attended by the usual press pack—people very much have not lost interest in K.Middy—but there was a very casual, relaxed vibe to this Wednesday’s visit to an elementary school to check out their gardening initiative. Kate even wore a very old pair of boots—like over a decade old; used to hike in the Himalayas—to hang out and dig in the soil with school kids.



She also shared her own “fond memories” of being outside as a kid, and told people there that she was working hard to make sure George and Charlotte felt the same way.

PS. She’s also wearing a Barbour jacket, Temperly turtleneck and as yet un-ID’d black jeans.