The selfie stick has claimed another celebrity victim, and frankly, this one came as a shock. Did we ever think we’d see the day when Jack..we mean, Leonardo DiCaprio, would be spotted with such an instrument of the devil in his hand…at a series of tourist hot spots in New York, no less.

Leo, in full not-making-a-movie, goatee and Dad Bod glory was spotted hitting the streets of the Big Apple, snapping shots of himself at the sights with the aid of a selfie stick. Clad in a baseball cap, Leo and a posse of “friends and relatives” passed nearly unrecognised among the crowds at the 9/11 Memorial…until the former wolf of Wall Street conspiciously posed for a stick-aided-selfie (all the better to capture those circa 1999 baggy shorts, we assume). 

We expected so much more from you, Leo. 

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