In a turn in the recent conversation Hollywood has been having about the pay disparity between male and female stars (which is an important part of a wider discussion about the gender salary gap in general), Kate Winslet has spoken out…AGAINST it. 

Talking to BBC Newsbeat, the Titanic star said, “I’m having such a big problem with these conversations”, adding: “I don’t like talking about money, it’s a big vulgar isn’t it?”

Granted, she’s blaming her distaste for it on a natural British discomfort with talking about $ matters, and when pressed if she’d experienced sexism in the industry, Winslet went on to add:

“If I’d ever been in that situation I would have either dealt with it or removed myself from it. I find all this quite uncomfortable. I haven’t ever felt that I’ve really had to stick up for myself just because I’m a woman.”


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