Upon first glance at this pic, you may yawn, “Another day, another crown sighting on a pretty’s princess head.” But you’d be wrong, plebe, because a) that’s actually a duchess, b) it’s techically a tiara c) it’s only the fourth time Kate’s worn one and d) can one ever be bored by such shiny, shiny things?!

All those reason’s aside, this is actually a rather sweet moment, coded within the secret language of jewels. The tiara Kate sported last night (for a super swanky reception at Buckingham Palace) was Princess Diana’s favourite, and was actually given to the then Lady Di by the Queen as a wedding present.

As an extra bonus fun fact, it’s called The Cambridge Lovers’ Knot tiara, which is like, cute, because they’re the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and they like, love each other. 


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