Kate Middleton had a major wardrobe challenge over the weekend, and of course, being the DoC, she sailed through it admirably…with a little help from an Italian couture house. 

The tricky dressing situation was a gala Kate (and Will and Liz and Phil) attended on Saturday night. The ‘do at Royal Albert Hall was to honour the service men and women who’d died fighting for Britain, so the look needed to be respectful and suit the solemn occasion, but you know, still look a little glam. (It’s what your public demands, Kate!)

Enter this dazzling-but-demure Dolce and Gabbana dress, which is notable for two things (other than being super pretty): One, it’s the second time she’s worn the designer in less than a month, and two, it continues the trend of Kate baring ever-so-subtly more skin than usual. 


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