Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are back in Canada—and he’s calling her his wife. 

According to the Canadian Press, the singer and model visited an exhibition dedicated to the 24-year-old’s music career yesterday in his hometown of Stratford, ON. Organizers from the Stratford Perth Museum shared news of the exciting visit on social media, and reportedly said that Bieber “very graciously introduced Hailey as his wife” while there. 

In an Instagram post from earlier today, the museum confirmed that Baldwin had visited the exhibit “along with her special husband.” The 21-year-old model shared a sweet note—”I [heart] you forever”—on a blackboard reserved for fan messages.




The museum’s comments fuel speculation that Bieber and Baldwin got married earlier in September. It was previously reported that the couple wed at a NYC courthouse after they were spotted getting marriage licenses, although neither of the celebs have confirmed the reports. 

The general manager of the museum told CP that the singer and model spent about 45 minutes at the exhibit mingling with fans.