Mark your calendars royal watchers: July 5 is going to be a banner day in the life of our Charlotte. And yes, we miiiiiiight get a glimpse of her out of the occasion too. 

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana will officially be christened in early July, which if you’ll recall from George’s own day (and how could you forget Kate’s McQueen ensemble?), involves swathing the baby in approx. 1450 metres of lace, an official church ceremony, and the pledging of godparents. (No word on who that would be, but might we suggest Sarah Burton? And all the Spice Girls?)

The event is taking place at the church at the Queen’s country pad in Sandringham, and fun fact: Char’s granny, Princess Di, was also christened there! It will be a private ceremony, but finger’s crossed they’ll play nice and release a few snaps of the day.

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