The reigning “most beautiful woman in the world” is on our cover this month!

In an interview that took place not too far from her Malibu home, the A-lister spoke to ELLE about family, her upcoming films, and the frustrating experience of getting older in Hollywood—in particular, how the media treats male and female celebrities different in that regard:

“It’s certainly imbalanced. It perpetuates a stereotype: that there is some grace in masculine aging that isn’t there in feminine aging, which I don’t agree with. There are as many well-preserved 50-year-old women as there are 50-year-old men, and there are people who look horrible at 40. It has less to do with time and more to do with who a person is. It always seems to come up in interviews, even it it’s just about which moisturizer I use. I don’t think George Clooney is being asked about his moisturizing regime!”

You can read the interview in full in the November 2017 issue of ELLE Canada (on news stands everywhere October 9).