First of all: Jennifer Aniston is married! Second: Her surprise wedding is bringing dramatic innovations to the celebrity secret wedding field. 

First, she did it on a Wednesday! Since TMZ has no doubt had a helicopter circling her house every Friday-Sunday since she and Justin Theroux were engaged, this is very sneaky. Although the gossip site did manage to snag pics of tents in their backyard, so not 100% foolproof. 

The pair, who met on the set of The Leftovers, have also been engaged for ages (three years), which again, means we were all a little off our guard on this one. (Side note: Angelina and Brad wil have been married for exactly a year this month. Food for thought).

They also managed to keep their celeb studded guest-list super-secret, which is a feat when the guests include Emily Blunt, Sia, and yes, Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox (maid of honour, of course.)

Congrats Jen and Justin!


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