Every celeb knows you can’t tell Ellen DeGeneres anything because she’ll most definitely use it to put you in a super awkward situation. Enter James Marsden, who appeared on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show the same day as his celebrity crush, Helen Mirren. 

The actor admitted he had been too shy to approach Mirren backstage before the show started and previously when they were on the same flight. “I was on a flight with her once to Rome, and when I got off the flight, I followed her,” he told Ellen earlier. “And in a very voyeuristic, creepy way, I took a photo of her while she was walking away.” (See below.)



Sources: The Ellen DeGeneres Show / YouTube.com

Cue Ellen’s invitation to Helen to come on stage.

But the best part came when the Dame brought him to his knees; she cupped his face and told him “you’re so handsome” right before she walked off stage.