The word is that many women at Sunday’s Golden Globes will be wearing black to support the Time’s Up anti-harassment movement. If you’re thinking it’ll look like one one big funeral, that’s sort of the point, Insecure creator Issa Rae told at the BAFTA Tea Party in Los Angeles on Saturday.

“In a good way, it just feels like the death of old Hollywood,” she said. “Being an African American woman, I can’t help but think about our funerals, which are kind of lit. Obviously, there are points of grieving, but afterwards it’s like a celebration of life, and you kind of turn up, and I feel like that’s what this will be. It’s like a celebration.”

Rae will “1000 per cent, without a doubt,” be wearing black. The end of the old ways can only signal more, much needed change, she said. “There’s a new resolve, and it feels like even with the action points that we have with the legal defense fund, and making agencies employ more women in positions of power, that it feels like this can actually get done. So it’s more than just a color. It’s more than just wearing black. We’re about that action.”

Speaking of women in positions of power, Rae’s no slouch in that department. Not only has HBO recently commissioned three new projects from her, but she has her second Golden Globe nomination this year for her work on Insecure, an experience she said has been pretty life-changing. “When I go out, I keep saying it feels like I’m popular in high school,” she said. “I definitely wasn’t back then.”

But there’s no chance she’ll get too sucked in by fame. “Friends and family are quick to remind me, ‘Girl, you are so dope but you ain’t shit.’ I love that. I wouldn’t ask for anything else.’”