When rumours that our beloved Duchess of Cambridge is “shirking her royal duties” crossed our desk, we knew without even embarking on our usual intensive investigative process that these could never be true. This is, after all, the same woman who gave birth and faced a rabid pack of international media within hours…wearing heels, people.

The (debunked) story being floated by Life & Style is that Kate and the Queen are currently feuding over the Duchess laziness, namely not attending royal engagements and instead choosing to you know, be at home with her children instead, and only leaving the house to go to Wimbledon and have “private meetings with Brad and Angelina” (because the Queen wants Pitt all to herself, perhaps?)

A part of us wishes it were true, however, just for the glorious drama of an escalating “war” between Liz and Kate, who our monarch allegedly (definitely doesn’t) calls “Duchess Do-Little”. You just know those corgis would get involved in any (fictitious, of course) screaming matches. 


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