So here’s an interesting rumour friends: Apparently Prince Harry’s got himself a new GF, and you totally know who she is.

A new report in Britain’s Express newspaper cites a ‘source close to Kensington Palace’ (grain-o’salt-o’clock) who says that apparently Harry met Suits actress Meghan Markle while in Toronto earlier this year to promo the Invictus Games, and since then, the two have enjoyed hanging out, Meghan’s been to see H in London, and well, Harry is “happier than he’s been in years”.

Other than this “source”, the evidence for this royal romance is a wee bit slim – the only other bit of “proof” being that Meghan has worn a very similiar bracelet in her recent Instagrams to one that Harry was also seen wearing recently. Since it’s totally impossible they’re both just celebs supporting the same charity cause (that’s generally why people wear those sorts of bracelets, no?) they are clearly dating and madly in love.

Scratching chin emoji.

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