News of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy broke earlier this weekend, and a source spoke to People about how Jenner felt about the time up until the news became public.

She has been enjoying her pregnancy in private,” a source told People. “Kylie is a few months along. She has a cute bump. She is beyond excited. She has been wanting to give Stormi a sibling for a while. She loves being a mom. She is thrilled that she and Travis are pregnant again. She has been enjoying her pregnancy in private. She has only spent time with close friends and family.”

Jenner spoke to Harper’s Bazaar last year about her thoughts on giving Stormi a sibling. “My friends all pressure me about it,” she said. “They love Stormi. I definitely feel pressure to give her a sibling, but there’s no plan.”

Jenner also reflected on her first private pregnancy with Stormi: “After I got pregnant, I spent so much time at home, I love it,” she said. “I love to lie in my bed and watch movies and forget about the world. Sometimes I take some time off, let the nannies take days off, and hang out at home with Stormi.”

In regards to Scott, with whom Jenner became romantically involved again a few months ago, Jenner told Harper’s: “We have such a great relationship. We’re like best friends. We both love Stormi and want what’s best for her. We stay connected and coordinated. I think about [my parents] in situations with Stormi, what they would do. They were very hands-on with me, and I want the same for Stormi.”