Answer these true and false questions to test your Lauren Conrad knowledge.

1. True or False? The name of
Lauren‘s new book is called
L.A. Candy.

True or False? Lauren will be returning to
The Hills for a sixth season.

3. True or False? Lauren will be designing a line of clothes for H&M.

4. True or False? Lauren’s father is an architect.

5. True or False? Lauren is an only child.

6. True or False? Lauren graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

7. True or False? Lauren is the current model/spokesperson for Mark cosmetics.

8. True or False? Lauren’s best friend is also named Lauren

9. True or False? Lauren was her parents only choice for a name for their eldest daughter.

10. True or False? Lauren has no tattoos.

11. True or False? Lauren is currently dating someone who also stars on a TV show.

12. True or False? One of Lauren’s most outrageous fan experiences was when someone threw a drink at her.

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TRUE: Lauren’s book was released on June 16 and follows the life of two girls as they struggle to adjust to live in L.A. while starring in a reality TV show.

2. FALSE: Lauren’s last episode aired at the end of May and Kristin Cavallari will replace her in the upcoming season.

3. FALSE: Lauren is actually designing a line of clothes for U.S. department store Kohl’s to be released in October. It will be called the LC Lauren Conrad line with prices from $20 to $60.

4. TRUE: Lauren’s father is an architect in California and actually built the house seen in the last season she was on
Laguna Beach.

5. FALSE: Lauren has one sister, Breanna, who actually starred on the third season of Laguna Beach and a brother Brandon.

6. FALSE: Lauren studied fashion design at the Academy of Art University but left after one semester, even though Stephen was also at school near by, to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM).

7. TRUE: Lauren is the spokesperson for Avon’s boutique beauty and fashion brand.

8. TRUE: Lauren’s friend since they were kids, Lauren “Lo” Bosworth appeared alongside Lauren Conrad in
Laguna Beach as well as
The Hills and will be continuing on to season 6 without Conrad.

9. FALSE: Lauren’s parents also considered the names Tiffany and Crystal, of which Lauren likes Tiffany the best.

10. FALSE: Lauren got a tattoo of the letter “J” for ex-boyfriend Jason Wahler, while they were still together. After they broke up she turned the “J” into an “L”. Good choice!

11. TRUE: Lauren’s boyfriend of several months is
My Boys actor Kyle Howard, who is 10 years her senior. He never appeared on any episodes of
The Hills and she has remained somewhat private about their relationship.

12. FALSE: On
The Late show with Conan O’Brien, Lauren revealed she was at the
Dark Knight premiere and someone threw their baby at her so that she would turn around and pose for a picture with her child!

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After answering all these questions, your devotion to all things Hollywood might be in question. Check below to see what your answers say about how Hollywood you are.

Only 2 or 3 wrong: You are Lauren’s #1 fan and never plan anything on Monday night to make sure you can be home to watch
The Hills.

6 wrong: You need to brush up on your Lauren trivia. If you ever saw her you might want to think twice about what you say, as you are likely to get your facts wrong.

8 or more wrong: You are an embarassment to
The Hills community and should definetely plan a
Laguna Beach/The Hills marathon sometime soon, like ASAP!

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