Happy 30th Birthday Drizzy!

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This is an Aubrey Drake Graham appreciation post. 

Everyone in Toronto has a Drake story. Here, for his 30th birthday, the Toronto-based ELLE Canada team reflects on the reasons we have all come to love and appreciate the 6ix god. 


1. An all-Drake playlist is always a winning playlist 

“Drake – or rather my Drake playlist – has coached me through many tough long-distance runs in the 6ix. Tracks like “Back to Back,” “Energy” and “Too Good” amp me up, and just before cool down, I wind it down with the apropos “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” – Carli Whitwell, editor 



2. His swagger 

“I was huddled around the red carpet at the Celebrity All-Star game in February with every major media outlet in Canada. Instead of walking the red carpet (which was filled with legit stars by the way – Michael B. Jordan, Jason Sudeikis, Kevin Hart, etc.) Drake just appeared behind the media scrum, walking and talking with a Raptor. Everyone had to bolt from the carpet and run along beside him with their cameras to get the shot. Respect.”  – Victoria DiPlacido, associate beauty editor 



3. He brings us memorable SNL skits 

“Attending the Juno awards (hosted by Drake) was a 2011 highlight. The icing on the top of the cake was his forever memorable ‘Old Money’ skit.” –  Danielle Campbell, designer 



4. He teaches us pragmatic life lessons 

“I grew up listening to Drake, so I am largely influenced by his ‘chunes. The six god has taught me that: Wearing Timbs every single day from October 31st to March 30th is totally, totally acceptable; dancing like your drunk uncle can actually turn out to be a banger move at the club; never to take my sidechick to The Cheesecake Factory.” –  Maryjane Peters, beauty editorial assistant 


5. His love of cable knit sweaters

“I once saw Drake at a Raptors game, wearing the hell out of an oversized cream cable knit sweater and nerdy frames. He completely redefined the grandpa aesthetic. Since then, l’ve always associated chunky sweaters with him (and his inherent ease and coolness). And retrospectively, I realize it was his confidence in wearing the sweater that really stayed with me.” – Katherine Flemming, health and beauty editor 


6. The dancing, oh, the dancing 

“Drake inspires me dance in public no matter how ridiculous I feel (and may look).” – Juliana Schiavinatto, fashion director



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