Beyoncé likes her food the way she likes her money: green.

And she wants you to try it that way, too.

Late Wednesday night, the pop icon offered fans the chance to win free lifetime Beyoncé or Jay Z concert tickets — LIFETIME TICKETS! — if they ditched the cheeseburgers and made the switch to a plant-based lifestyle.

The offer arrived by way of her Instagram as a partnership with The Greenprint Project, an organization that encourages people to incorporate full or partial veganism into their diets to reduce their environmental impact. (Among Bey’s favoured suggestions: plant-based breakfasts and “Meatless Mondays.”)




As part of the initiative, Bey and Jay will also be going vegan. Bey’s flirted with veganism before, notably for Coachella 2018, when she adopted a greener diet to get ready for her historic performance.

Of course, fans were predictably thrilled. 




According to The Greenprint Project website, the prize is worth around $12,000.