There’s more to Rachel Bloom’s irreverent, unfiltered wit than [Expletive] Me Ray Bradbury or Historically Accurate Disney Princess Song. Sure the former has been viewed 3 million times and the latter is just shy of a mil, but here are five of the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star’s videos with fewer than 100,000 views you may have missed.

Watch this one before you meet your partner’s parents for the first time.
“I Give Good Parent (Explicit)” (almost 69,000 views)
Fave line: “I present proper like a Ted Talk…”



Watch this one the next time you want to overindulge in cigs, dessert wine and cheap chocolate.
“Sexy French Depression” (views 40,654)
Fave line: “My eyes are dark from sadness. My lips are red from pain. My bosom heaves with sobs. I’m in a sexy French Depression…”




Watch this one when you’re prepared to go with Option B for your next date.
“Settle for me” (featuring Santino Fontana) (almost 66,000 views)
Fave line: “So lower those expectations and settle for me…”




Watch this one when you’re feeling a little underappreciated.
“I’m A Good Person.”(around 88,000 views)
Fave line: I’m a good person, can’t you see. Doctors Without Borders don’t have shit on me!”




Watch this one as a refresher before the show returns tonight on CW.
“West Covina”
Fave line: “In my soul I feel a fire.”