It’s the morning after the Outlander season two premiere after party, and actor Sam Heughan is not hungover. Nope. Not even a little bit. [Insert heavy sarcasm]

“We had a great time underneath the blue whale in the Natural History Museum,” said the 36 year old Scot over the phone from London. “It was really fun.”

Here’s what else we learned about the heart-throb who plays 18th century Scotsman Jamie Fraser on the hit show, airing now on Showcase:

1) He’s a sucker for a good cheese toastie

“Outlander officially has the worst craft services in the industry, and I’m happy for that to be the headline—we’ve discussed this many times with our wonderful producers. But we do have cheese toasties, and they’re delicious. But they’re maybe not the healthiest, and when you take your shirt off you do feel a bit guilty about that fourth toastie.”

2) On how he gets THAT body:

“I workout a lot! I do Muay Thai, which is Thai kickboxing. I’ve got a trainer and I try to work with him most days, which sometimes means working out at half past four and then going to shoot all day.”

3) He hearts Canada:

“I love Canada. I’ve been to Toronto a couple times and I think it’s great, but I actually went to British Columbia and drove through the Rockies. It was incredible. I’d love to go back and climb some mountains. Just waiting for my invite!” [Ed’s note: Consider this your open invitation, Sam]

4) He gives great relationship advice

“Truth is the best way to keep a relationship like Jamie and Claire’s [on Outlander] alive. And I guess to remain in contact. In season 2, Jamie and Claire sort of lose contact with each other just going about their own lives and missions. So I guess the secret is just to touch base with your partner and make time for them. Also, probably stay off social media – it’s not the best place to maintain a relationship. Keep some things private.”

5) He woke up like this…with a little help

“I’ve got the best hair and make up team. Personally, I don’t do anything – I’m useless. I don’t think my hair needs a lot…I certainly don’t primp or curl it or anything. It maybe gets a little bit of conditioner because we’re outdoors all the time. I was in Japan recently and they put a face mask on me and it was wonderful. Rehydrating I believe? I don’t know what these things do or where you buy them but they look quite cool.”


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