Britney Spears

When have we ever really seen Britney in anything stylish? But this Mad Hatter look takes the cake. Either she’s revealing way too much, choosing colours that aren’t flattering, or just making us say, "what were you thinking?" Britney — our advice — if you want to make a comeback, hire a real stylist and stop dressing yourself — seriously.


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Heather Graham

Poor Heather has long been trying to get on some kind of fashion It list… but when you make choices like this, the only list you will get on is hideous. We like her much better in bright, solid colours that don’t wash out her skin.

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Kelly Clarkson

Kelly seems to have trouble finding clothes that fit her shape. This one not only doesn’t fit her (it makes her looks two sizes larger than she really is), but the psychedelic print is overwhelming and leaves us feeling dizzy.

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Mary-Kate Olson

If there is a trend, one of the Olson twins is on top of it, not matter how good or bad. Mary-Kate not only looks dirty with her tangled hair and grungy makeup, but the headband and dreary black dress makes us think more of a horror movie than fashion icon in the making.

Paris Hilton

Just because you are thin doesn’t mean skin-tight is right. The same goes for being an American heiress — this doesn’t mean you should flaunt red, white and blue in this manner. A candy red bow isn’t the best way to emphasize the chest either.

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