Although the Academy Award winner has just released a new fitness DVD,
Marisa Tomei: Core & Curves — with another DVD set for release in a few months (this time swinging her hips and all the rest of her super fit body into even better shape via hula hooping) – she’s adamant that she is no fitness guru. “I’d like to see women feeling their centre and seeing their joy and sensuality – this is what I think is going to create big changes,” says Tomei, who most recently starred on the silver screen in
The Wrestler. “I don’t mind introducing women to what I think works on so many levels, but I’m not [a fitness guru].”

We caught up with Tomei while she was on vacation in Miami, and it turns out that the 45-year-old actress follows a keep-it-simple philosophy when it comes to staying fit, eating right and looking and feeling great.
Your new DVD with trainer Key Son, what is it about the workout that you particularly like?

Marisa Tomei: Key Son is very meticulous. He’s a graduate of Cornell and he knows a lot about sports medicine and has worked with a lot of models. He understands women’s bodies and their shape and form and he thought about what are some great workouts that will emphasize a woman’s lines and their sensuality. The workout is such a low-impact approach, and your
core and balance are both strengthened. And I’ve always done
dance and yoga, and I still do, and all of those things create long, lean lines and this workout stays with the long, feminine shape.

EC: In the DVD, you stress that the workout doesn’t involve any weights – are you not a fan of strength training?

MT: I think everything should be in moderation. I like to try a lot of things and have variety, but as my main discipline, working out with weights hasn’t given me the kind of results I was wanting.

EC: You’re in incredible shape; what’s a typical week of workouts for you?

MT: A typical week? I
travel so much. For example, right now you’re reaching me in Miami and I’m not doing anything, I’m just taking a long walk by the beach. I think listening to your body is the most important thing, and it needs rest as much as it needs movement. I don’t really have typical weeks; I’ll do Key Son’s workout or I do nothing – but I end up paying for that, but we’re all human! I might do a dance class, or get a massage, which will activate me in a different way. I take hikes when I’m in Los Angeles, I hula hoop – a lot of different things.

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EC: Do you enjoy working out?

MT: I enjoy the results like everyone else. As for the actual workout itself, it can be a quiet time of centering, when I can focus the mind for the rest of my day or week, or overall life plan. Get emotions running through you so that you’re not holding anything in – physical movement moves mental toxins as well as physical toxins. It refreshes and keeps you emotionally stable – those are the reasons I work out.

EC: Your next workout DVD is about hooping. What is it that you like about hooping?

MT: It’s really playful. And it’s low impact, like Key Son’s workout. It’s something I can take with me when I travel – I can’t pack a treadmill. So when I do Key Son’s routines, in between sets I hoop to keep up my heart rate. Hooping will make you smile every time and with a hoop you working 360 degrees of muscle, it’s every single muscle in your waist and hips. It’s joyful and very feminine and I like the idea of women moving their hips and really getting into their bodies. The hoop will bring you inside your body and connect to yourself – it’s not like you’re tipping away and sculpting from the outside, but it’s like you’re revealed…how’s that for zen? (laughing).

EC: And what’s on your workout playlist right now?

MT: I like a band from L.A., Fitz and the Tanturms.

Do you follow a certain diet?

MT: I got lucky in the way my mom fed us when we were growing up – a Mediterranean diets, lots of fresh fruit and veggies, and protein, but on the minimal side. I get food from farmer’s markets as much as possible and drink lots of water. I don’t really believe in being fanatical about anything. I like it to feel that food gives me more energy, so I try to eat things that have a lot of prana, or life force, in it.

EC: And what are some of your beauty essentials?

MT: I drink a lot of water, and wash my face with Cetaphil, I use natural jojoba oil to moisturize but I do change moisturizers on and off. I usually stick to the basics. Like Key Son’s easy to follow routine, it’s detail-oriented and it’s the small muscles that make a difference – there’s something to how simplicity is the link to everything that works.

EC: When would you say you feel most beautiful?

MT: (pausing) When I’m looking at my boyfriend looking at me.

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