Not only is she starring alongside Kevin Hart in the Paul Weitz-directed dramedy Fatherhood, out on Netflix on June 18, but she also joined the Jurassic Park franchise in Jurassic World: Dominion, which, despite all the pandemic obstacles, finished shooting in the U.K. last summer. “You know what everyone loves?” she asks. “I mean the one thing on the planet that every single person truly loves? Dinosaurs. Thank you, third grade.” The smart, funny and personable talent reveals the highlights of her recent projects, what keeps her busy during her downtime and where she finds inspiration.


“The best part about playing Nola was the freedo—[because] of Spike [Lee’s] process and [the character] herself. It felt incredibly synchronistic to play someone who is striving to shed themselves of social constructs and stigma. It has been a lifelong pursuit of mine, and I was so honoured to represent one iteration of what it means and looks like to be a free Black woman.”


“I had no idea what to expect working on my first studio film, especially one with a megastar like Kevin [Hart]. At work, all I did was laugh—both Kevin and director Paul Weitz are hilarious in real life. Paul and I share the same very silly sense of humour, and bringing people joy and laughter is Kevin’s purpose.”


“Everything about joining the franchise has been thrilling: the story, director Colin [Trevorrow], the epic and generous cast, my role—every single thing. We were the first production back during the summer of 2020, and it was just me and Chris Pratt that first day. My nerves were shook, but I’m beyond proud of that cast and crew for accomplishing what we were able to accomplish.”


“I’ve mostly been home in Southern California, but I spent five months shooting Jurassic World: Dominion in the U.K. The cast stayed at a hotel, and they allowed us to use the kitchen there, so I didn’t miss the sourdough-bread craze. I’m thankful that the stress from the pandemic, the uprising, an election year, climate change and the economy didn’t derail my creativity.”


“Shea butter. [While we were filming] Jurassic World, I would walk around the hotel with my face glistening from it; Sam Neill was so confused. Bryce [Dallas Howard] got it, though; we have some hilariously unexpected things in common. You gotta moisturize, people!”



“My friends, who have managed to not only survive this impossible [year] but also thrive in new and unexpected ways; nature—I’ve been on a ton of hikes, and I’m thankful to live in California and have access to the very grounding great outdoors; the wonder of my puppy, Oberon; the work of artists like Michaela Coel who take the destiny of their careers into their own hands; books that help me understand the world better, like Susan Cain’s Quiet; and Taylor Swift releasing two amazing and deeply relatable albums during a pandemic. I find something to inspire me every day.”


Work in Progress. Abby McEnany is brilliant. Please do yourselves a favour and get into it post-haste.”

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