Step aside, Princess Charlotte: You’re not longer the newest royal baby on the global monarchicial scene. That title’s been snapped up by one Prince Nicolas Paul Gustaf, or “the Duke of Angermanland” as he’s known to friends.

The brand-new royal made his official debut today in sleepsuit of complete Scandinavian chic. We’d expect no less than minimalist grey from the newest member of the Swedish royal family, born to Princess Madeleine on Monday. (Remember that heavily pregnant lady in pink at the Swedish royal wedding? That was her! TROOPER.)

Prince Nicolas, who weighed 6.7 lbs, may have been born in Sweden, but he’ll likely grow up in New York, where his dad (one businessman Chris O’Neill) is from, and family, including big sis Leonore, currently live. 

Incidentally, Leonore apparently mistook her new baby brother for a doll, which really, given how adorable he is, isn’t that unreasonable an assumption.

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