The full name of Southern California’s most famous fest is ‘The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival’, but based on two days of eating my way across the entire length of what is normally The Empire Polo Club, they definitely need to add ‘food festival’ to their advertising. 

Here are the three best things I’ve eaten this weekend (so far):

1. Sweet potato tacos (Guerilla Tacos)

I ate these deep-fried parcels of delight standing up in the middle of a freak windstorm on night 1, and for the approximately 30 seconds it took me to scarf down the mayonaisse-y, mildly spicy, perfectly crunchy tacos, I forgot about the sand in my ears and the sunburn in my hair parting and just lost myself in the bliss of Mexican food done so, so right. 

2. Salmon poke (Sweetfin Poke)

Newsflash: It gets really, really hot here which is why one of the best things I did all festival was eat a bowl of this fresh, light Hawaiian dish by the duck pool in the VIP section. Between the light mist coming off a nearby fountain and the cool, creamy avocado dressing on the kelp noodles in my bowl, I was refreshed and ready for another six hours of standing in the sun. 

3. Strawberry and White Balsamic Ice Cream (Smitten)

There’s a really technical process involving a patented flash-freezing machine, but all you really need to know about this churned-on-demand ice cream is that it is GOOD. Like stand in silence for ten minutes while you just devour it good. I got the strawberry (with homemade sprinkles!) and it was like eating a scone with jam and cream put in a blender and pureed into frozen heaven. 


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